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Isn't it time you learned this essential tool for project management? No longer fear the words "merge conflict." Branch with grace and ease. These are within your grasp.

This course provides you what you need to use Git intelligently to manage projects and publish documentation for any subject imaginable.

What You'll Learn

  • Git Skills/Concepts
  • Commits
  • Branches
  • Merges
  • Remotes
  • Pull requests
  • Git uses
  • Project management
  • Documentation


Familiarity with the following will make your study much smoother:

  • Linux Command Line
  • Vim (not required, but useful)

Luckily, we offer courses on both!

Example Curriculum

Enrollment Options

This course will always be free. However, if you choose to show your support the Institute, we offer 2 levels of pay-what-you-wish pricing.